No current openings at this time
1. If you are interested in care, please email me (at with your needs, and we will have an initial chat or two regarding availability and your needs.

2. If both parties are interested, we will set up an initial meeting and tour. Because my daycare is in my home, prospective families MUST have an appointment.

3. If we agree it's a mutual fit, the parent must have the following completed before I may care for any child(ren):
(1) Signed contract and handbook
(2) permission slips
(3) deposit
(4) first week's tuition

(5) Health Form This is to be completed by physician

(6) Immunization Form This is to be completed by physician

(7) Medication Form ANY medication that the child needs in care must be accompanied with this form completed by the child's doctor

(8) Emergency Form To be completed by parents

There may be others, depending upon the unique circumstances *










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