Ahem. The picture you see above, is our boat getting towed. “What? Towed?” You may ask. Yes, indeed. Towed. “Why would you need to be towed?” You may ask. Well, let’s just put it this way…


Dad: “Hey let’s go on a boatride today. I fixed all the wiring and I put in the new gas tank and etc. etc. etc.”
Us: “Ummmm sure I guess. Are you sure everything is all good and ready?”
Dad: “Well yeah! I fixed it all.”

So we hop in the truck and off we drive to the bay. We load the boat into the water, tie it to the dock with my mom’s awesome horse reign tying skills, and park the truck and trailer. We all get into the boat and go, “Oh great! Nothing bad happened so far!” Dad starts up the boat with this phrase: “Hmmm maybe we can ride to one of those islands today.”

So off we go. Finally, we get into like, 15 foot water. The engine dies. “Uhhhh,” we all say in unison, “What’s wrong?” Dad keeps turning the key in the ignition and finally it starts back up. We go out a little further. It dies again. “Uh-oh. That’s not good.” Are the words whispered from all four of us. All of the sudden, the sky turned black and we realized we wouldn’t make it out alive a big wave comes and rocks our boat. We thought, even for just five minutes, we just might drown. We all put our lifejackets on, for at least the next half hour.

Nope. It wouldn’t start again. If it did, we couldn’t get it to move. Or stay idle. Oh dear.

So out we sat, in the boat, in the Chesapeake bay, for 3.5 hours. Yes, 3.5 hours. Don’t worry, we had chips. And water bottles. And a dying radio. And cell phones. So it’s all good.

The first hour passed. We were drifting in closer to the beach. We were thinking about swimming in to the shore, but we figured we couldn’t leave the boat (not to mention the cute little jelly fishies we saw dotting the cold, brown water). We were trying to flag down other boaters, we were making in calls from the radio to the people that are supposed to help you when you’re in boating trouble, etc. etc.
Then, “Please move back.” From the shore. We looked over to see a park ranger with a megaphone.
“Move back, please. Move your boat back.” We tried and tried to start our engine but to no avail. “Move your boat back please!” Hmm. We were getting nowhere. Another hour passed, after being informed that we couldn’t get help from the radio people. Finally, the police and coastguards came out on a boat.
“You need to move your boat back, you’re getting too close to the beach.”
“Ummmm, we can’t, we’re having engine trouble.”
“Oh. Put on your lifejackets.”
“Um okay. But can you tow us?”
“No we can’t. It’s against the rules ’cause we’d be competing with the towing companies. Do you have a number you’d like us to call?”
“Ummm we have one. Thanks.”
“We’re supposed to stick around until the towing company comes.”

So we called the towing company, and they said they’d be here in about 45 minutes. Then came that towing boat. Finally, we were being rescued! We could see some children on the beach who were watching, and we saw them pumping their fists in the air in joy for us. Yay!

When we finally were all settled back in the truck, my dad was doing something in the boat while it was on the trailer. My mom saw that other people left their boats on their trailers in the parking lot.
Mom: “Hey, that’s not a bad idea. We could leave the boat here closer to the water.”
My sister Anna, excitedly: “Yeah!!!! And if we’re lucky, someone will come and steal it!!!!”

We all laughed wickedly. When my dad heard, he wasn’t so impressed.

So… When do you suppose we’ll go on another boat ride?


Wanna see my friends?

I decided to copy mom’s idea and put up pictures of me with my friends. A lot of these will be off my phone, so bear with any grainy-ness. Also, the way they’re inserted is quite strange, so I’m like “Computer say wha???” Sorry. These aren’t all my friends… More pics soon.



Just a random thought to share.

Today I woke up, and I went to my closet to find something to wear. I already had on a black undershirt that I felt too tired to take off. So I slipped on a white shirt over top of it. It wasn’t until just now that I realized how much significance this was.

Black, just think about the color. What does it stand for? Darkness, depression, void-ness, hurt, anger, pain, suffering. And what about white? Happiness, light, hope, purity, security.

In our day to day life, we experience and see so much black all around us. Just taking five seconds to stop and look at the news is so depressing. There’s so much pain all around us, for some of us, we live in it daily. But some of us pulled a white shirt on. Hope. Purity. Security. The things we all want so badly.

It reminds me of that hymn, “Jesus Paid it All”… you know the lyrics: “Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe, sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow.”

If you replace crimson with black – You get the picture.

Jesus covered me with a white cloth. I’m complete in Him. I’m protected. The darkness is gone, now I see light that I couldn’t reach on my own. And I have an inevitable hope carrying me through every day.

The most beautiful part of it? Hope is there for everyone. 

For I have plans for you, says the Lord, not to harm you, but to give a hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11



Fun, Fun, Fun in the Summer Sun

3.jpg We went to the bay and there was this cool lighthouse holding some young ospreys.

2.jpg This is my dad who caught a fish. Well, he caught three but this is the only pic I got.

 I tried to get them to both look away at the same time but they wouldn’t listen.

 The osprey feeding it’s young.

 The dock where you put in your boats.

 My sister holding a diet coke… My diet coke! Pshh as if she of all people should be holding diet.

 Her hair was all flowy.

 The osprey and young.

 I never realized how cool those ropes looked.

 My sister fishing.

 I got her to smile for almost every picture.

 The dock. I adjusted the settings and it looked all dark and mysterious. Ooooo, ahhhhhh.

 My parents looking at each other.

 My mom driving the boat.


I’ve come to suck your vlood…. Bwaha. *cough*

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Heh.

I’m sooooooooo excited! Tomorrow I get to go to a birthday party for a girl in the church who’s turning 1yo. She’s adorable! It drives my friend crazy, she’s like, “Whenever I see you, you’re holding a baby! It’s crazy! I don’t even know why you like them. All they do is cry and drool. You want one, don’t you?” And I’m like, “Yes! Well, I don’t want one yet. But babies are cute! I don’t know why you don’t like them.” But anywho, I’m sooooooooo excited.

So I’ve been reading this book (for school) called ‘Up From Slavery’. It’s about Booker T. Washington, and it was written by him too. It’s really good. It really makes you appreciate how things have changed since his time. But yeah, it’s good.

Up From Slavery

So today I saw this video of two teenagers who became millionares. It’s insane. My new life goal: Eat as much chocolate as I can and still lose weight Become a multi-millionare by the time I’m 20. Now I just need to figure out how to do this. Become a professional song writer? Work at Chick-fil-a? Learn to speak 10 languages and become a translator? Design guitar straps?

Do my ambitions seem too far out? Will I ever find out who came up with the word supererogatory? Is the sun really JUST a mass of incandescent gas, or more? Why is it spelled “bass” but pronounced “base” instead of “bass” like the fish? These are the questions that I ponder long into the night.

Soooooooo, I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll go research something. Like Les Paul Gibson guitars. So if that guitar bassist at youth group ever talks to me again (most likely) I’ll know what he’s talking about. Other than just going, “Oh, yeah. I think they make electric violins too. It’s insane.” And looking extremely confused.

Sooooooo, I guess I’ll go research something. Or something. Maybe I’ll follow my life’s ambitions and find out a way to become a multi-millionare. Yup.


Oh, and here’s a picture I took, for all y’alls.

No Title Yet

Mocha Lattes and Chocolates… the sins of the church.

Okay, so today at church for the first service I was feeling very tired and I was really out of it, so I decided to make myself a cup of coffee. So I’m standing there, putting in the creamer, and a man that teaches youth group comes up to talk to me. I’ll call him N. And so as I’m talking to N, a teen guy who I talk to sometimes comes up and just listens. I’ll call him D.

N (to me): “You know, you probably shouldn’t be drinking coffee. It may stunt your growth from all the caffiene.”
D (looks at me, looks at coffee I’m holding, looks at N): “Pshh, come on! I think her growth has already been stunted. I mean, just look at her!”

Okay, at this point I’m really annoyed. D just loves to give me a hard time about my height. So, in my own defense, I tell him about how I was actually put on caffiene as a baby and that’s why I’m 5 foot and a half an inch now. Yes, five foot and a half an inch. Not even 5’1. I get it. I’m short. So then N goes: “I was put on caffine as a baby too. My mom put Coke in my bottles and fed it to me. I just must have had the opposite reaction than you did. Haha!”
Okay, so N is like majorly tall. Like, 6′ and a lot of inches. Like, I’d say like 6’10 or something. I don’t know, I’m so short I can’t tell. I like, have to strain and like look wayyy far up to see him. And so like him telling me all this is so not helping. I actually liked loved having an excuse for being short. And he killed it. So I just laughed it off and decided to go spend my time crying in a corner hating my life talking to someone supportive of people who are space savers.

So that covers the Mocha Latte sin of the church. I mean, it’s not really mocha lattes… but whatever. It’s just the fact that having coffee causes the taller people in the church to poke fun at the shorter people in the church and make them lie and say it’s because of coffee. Is that not evil?!?!? I mean, that’s two sins in one. NOT loving your neighbor AND lying to try to convince them that coffee does indeed keep you short. Okay, so I’ll admit… it was just poking around… and coffee DOES have a lot of caffine… But no matter, I’m sticking with it.

NOW comes the chocolatey-sinful-aspect of church. Okay, so the Bible calls gluttony sin, right? I’ve been trying to watch my sweets. You know, laying off the chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and chocolates and stuff. Did I say chocolates? Okay, so anywho. So, WHY, OH WHY! do they have to have a whole, entire, heaping table FULL of chocolate in the youth group room?!?!?!?!? I mean, not straight up chocolate, but like… Hershey kisses, chocolate muffins, chocolate lollipops, chocolate covered animal crackers, chocolate milk, chocolate cake…. We typically have chocolate donuts but not this week…. You get the idea! I mean, this is SO wrong. The Bible also tells that you shouldn’t cause a brother to stumble, and like if it’s sin to him don’t encourage it, you know. So they’re like TOTALLY encouraging gluttony by putting all these temptations in your face, right?!?! This is wrong, right?!?!?!


Just kidding. I love everything about church. The chocolate, the chocolate, the coffee, the people who make fun of you for being short, the WHOLE shebang.

Oh, and just to let you know, I didn’t eat any of the chocolate. I was so proud of myself. =]] Then, when no one was paying attention, after lunch… I snuck some of my leftover Christmas candy. I’m so bad.



Everybody… everybody!

The title is one of my good friend’s current ringtones. It annoys me to death, but it’s strangely addicting. I think it’s like the themesong from this website he goes to or something. Oh well.

So it’s 3:30 on a Saturday and what have I accomplished today? I ate some cheese and 2 candy canes. Oh yeah, and I’m breathing, too! Does that count? Basically, I’ve been on the computer for a long time. And listening to my dad torture some cat sand the walls in the foyer. I’ve kind of grown accustomed to the noise in the background.

My neck hurts. I think I pulled a muscle. I should probably get up and take some acetominaphin or microwave that heating pad you put around your neck or something. Or maybe I’ll just sit here.

Actually, I think I should probably be looking up and writing a paragraph about three people of like twenty listed and writing about how they helped start WW1. It’s facinating, but honestly I’m not sure what to write about them without totally copying what other people wrote. But I think whenever I stop writing this blog entry I’ll do that.

Lately, I’ve been getting addicted to the music of Ed Alleyne-Johnson. His electric violin playing is simply MAGICAL. Do any of you listen to him? How many of you have heard the song, “Saltwater” by Linzi Stoppard? I love that one too.

So I’m contemplating on whether or not to play piano for the Easter or like Palm Sunday service at my church. I probably COULD, but I don’t think I’ll end up doing it. I just have so much going on anyway, one more night at the church may be a little much. Speaking of church, that’s tomorrow! I can’t wait for that. I can’t wait to see which friends I’ll sit next to in Youth Group. Oh, and I think one of my favorite speakers is speaking tomorrow. That’ll be cool. I think the pastor will be preaching about praying too. That should be interesting.

But anyway, I should really be getting to that history report. Talk to you guys later! Also, some questions. I’m dying to learn more about you guys.

Prayer requests?
What’s your favorite movie?
Do you listen to Ed Alleyne-Johnson?
How many donuts can you stick in your mouth at once?

These are the questions that haunt me.


I Didn’t Die… I promise.

Sooooooo I haven’t updated in like, forever. *blush* I didn’t die… really. I just… haven’t updated in a while. Okay, a long while. *wipes dust off keyboard, cough, cough… allergic to dust*

Soooooo Ima give you all an update.

Today I went to church extraspecially early and played violin in the church orchestra. We played 13 hymns. I didn’t know like all but two of them. It was confusing, but it went really well I think. I just hit about three sour notes on some of the crazy fast songs with the 5 flats. Eew.

I’ve started playing guitar for youth group on Wednesday nights with the band, it’s going excellent. All the songs are great, and I really like worshipping God in a unique way. We have a bass guitar, a keyboard, an electric violin (I’m saving up for one now, after seeing how amazing they are), main electric guitar, acoustic guitar (me!), drummer, and two vocals. Oh, and the slide engineer and the sound board engineer. We sound really good, if I do say so myself.

So like a month from now I’m going on a ski trip, and I will play keyboard because our typical keyboardist can’t come and they remembered I play piano. That should be really fun. It’s about 20 songs. This will be my first time playing keyboard for the church. It will be fun.

Tomorrow I’m teaching the Awana highschool aged (Journey 24/7) lesson. I have like three pages of notes. It’s on Romans 15-16. It’s gonna be cool, I hope I don’t get nervous. I shouldn’t! Because I don’t get stage fright at all anymore. I don’t even get nervous. I just now like look out at the crowd and go, “Oh, hey look, it’s so-and-so! I wonder if they’re going to stay for the 2nd service. Hmm, I think she got a haircut.” And other random stuff. And for Journey 24/7 it’s not even in the room with a stage.

Next month is gonna be crazy busy. We gotta lot going on for homeschooling. It’ll be cool.

I’m going to give you a more extensive update very soon, okay?

Oohhhh, the pizza guy just came! I’ll update again soon, ok? So, drop me a comment while I’m gone. How are you and what’s your favorite candybar? And what’s one way God is speaking to you lately? Prayer requests?



Long time, no write!

Hello all! I hope you are all well in health and in spirit. I found I haven’t updated in a while! Sorry.

We have lately been experiencing problems with our water. We have well water, and apparently our well went dry… it was only six feet deep! Problematic? Yes. Annoying? Yes. Thirsty? Yes.

So like we called like the well… people? and they came by and dropped off 3,000 gallons of water for us while they prepare for later to dig us a new well. Problem-solving? Somewhat. Thirst-quenching? Sure. Let’s go with that one!

I’ll have to take some pictures of some of the things we’ve been doing lately… around the house and such.

I was talking to one of my friends recently and she’s in college, out of state. So I asked her, “What’s your favorite subject?” and she said, “Intro to Interpersonal Relations.” So I, being the ignorant person I am and not having the common sense to figure things out myself, asked, “So what’s that? It sounds fun.” And she said, “Interpersonal Relations is about relating to other people.” Ohhhh! *lightbulb over head goes on… finally. cough, cough… eeew, dust* I need to remember this for next time. Yes, next time.

It’s time for the Spanish word joke of the day! Actually, this would be the first.

Okay, here it is. Yep, right below. NOW! Yes, below. It’s there. I promise. Right there. Yup. You can scroll down now! Okay, I’ll stop. Me oh my!

Spanish: Hay tres clases de personas: las que saben contar, y las que no.

English: There are three classes of people: those who know how to count, and those who don’t.

Prayer requests?

Best Friend!

I set my phone to go off at six thirty this morning.

Riiiiiiinnnnnngggggg, beeeeppppp, buuurrrrpppp, RIIIINNNNGGGG!

I groggily muttered incomprehendable words under my breath (because I was tired, don’t worry, I’m sure they were nice words like, “GOSH! WHY DO I HAVE AN ALARM CLOCK ANYWAY?! I MEAN, THEY WAKE YOU UP AND ARE LOUD AND STUFF. DUDE!”), and turned the alarm off.

Five minutes later:

*music starts very loudly. too loudly. i couldn’t get back to sleep if i tried.*

I wake up, and just about fall over as I walk over to the bathroom to brush my hair. I apparently am blind and didn’t see the door. Oops.

*Ouch. Bang. Stars and stripes forever. Thank you Cleveland!*

Yes, this is an ordinary day. A Monday like any other. Except today was different… today was the first day of our homeschool co-op!

*dun dun dun!!! Uh… I mean… uh… yay!*

Yes, co-op. The first day. Today was the day. The day to revive my dying reputation! Nobody in the class would recognize me. The clutz. Oh wait, I know everybody in co-op. Oops. Too bad. Ouch, I think I slammed into the door again.

“Mommy, do you have any Barney Bandaids?” I asked.

Oh wait, I didn’t. I didn’t see her until later. Like an hour and a half later, when she was ready to go and I was still tying my shoes. And she asked me if I fed the dogs. I told her yes. And then she asked me five minutes later. I said yes. Because I did. I promise.

But anyway, I happened to get myself ready and live through my grogginess. Is that a word? I like it.

So co-op was a total blast. In a good an amazing way, of course. First we had History, which was basically an introduction to the class except I already have homework. Darn. I mean, AWESOME! Really, it is. Because my teacher is really cool. He’s a great teacher, and I see him like three nights a week and he’s a really nice man. He makes school really fun and exciting and stuff. But he’s really tough on that homework stuff. Darn.

Next is Spanish. I like my teacher too. She’s my best friend’s mom. I sometimes accidentally call her mom because I’m over at her house a lot. So I just decided to call her Aunt instead. Because that’s better than calling her mom. Because she’s not. I mean, she’s not my aunt either but it just sounds better. I learned a lot of Spanish. I knew a lot of the vocabulary words already but I didn’t know “the seat” “to arrive” or “Asprin” because I didn’t know Asprin was a word in Spanish. Just for your information, Asprin in Spanish is “la Aspirina”. I would’ve guessed it mean Asprin but like I said before, I didn’t know that Asprin had a word in Spanish. Too bad.

Next was Photography. My mom taught it. Not my aunt-mom. My real mom. She’s my favorite teacher. No, I’m not biased. She really is. That class ROCKED!!!!!!!! She taught us about perspective and then we went around and took a bunch of pictures. It ROCKED!!!!!!! I loved it.

So that sums up co-op. And afterwards we went to the park with the people from co-op, and then I went home and did more History, and then I went to Awana and saw all the people from co-op again. Like seven hours later. It ROCKED!!!!!!!! And my history teacher is my Awana teacher. It’s awesome.

And then I ran into some more doors. Ouch! Too bad.

And I made a new friend. Her name will online be called H. H said it’s great when you go to a new church and already make a new best friend. She said she’s coming next week. She asked if I’d talk to her over the week, so she gave me her email, blog, and first and last name. I like making new friends. She’s really cool. Her dad has a race car. I saw it, and it’s awesome. It even has fire shape things on the side of it, and it looked fast. I liked it. She was telling me all about her doing homeschool, and going to camp, and her two overnight stays in the hospital. And her dislocated hip. And how people ask her if she can drive. But she can’t. She’s not old enough. Me either. Darn.

So, today was a great day!!!! I had lots of fun! I hope you guys did too. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.