Trees down!

A couple of weeks ago, on the 7th, we PAID to have four trees removed.

This is one out front:

This is one out back:

THEN, this past Saturday, the 21st, a storm went through and knocked out four more!! In 5 minutes!!! shock

This one came down right across the driveway! shock It was at 8:00 at night, and obviously, it would have kept us from church Sunday am. But our neighbor across the street (the house you can see) came over at 6am Sun am and helped Dan cut it out of the way. Isn’t that awesome! thumbs up

This is one that went down on the side. Right between us and the neighbors. Thankfully hitting neither one, or the privacy fence Dan had just put up!

Finished Entry way

Dan finished the foyer. He put drywall in place of panelling, tile instead of carpet, and new doors. He still has to redo the stairs, but that will be later. Here’s a before and after.



I love my man! He can do anything!!

Next weekend we are having four trees removed in the front. It will make the house look much better from the road. Three of the trees are sick, and one is just too close to the house. The roots are going to affect the foundation if it’s not taken out. I’ll post pics once it’s done. 🙂

Changes in the house

I thought it was about time for me to post some pics of the house! We bought a “fixer-upper” and Dan is always busy doing something to it!

We’ve had the house for a year and a half now. In that time we’ve: put on new roof, new siding, waterproofed the basement, installed central air/heat, new windows, new doors, new well, new oil tank, repaved the driveway… you get the idea!

The entire house was paneled on the inside, and Dan is going room by room and putting up drywall and redoing the flooring.

When we bought our house, it looked like this from the front~


We had a new roof, siding, and windows done and now it looks like this~


One of rooms Dan re-did was our familyroom.
Here is what it looked like before ~


He took down the panelling, put up drywall, and put in the floor.
Here it is after ~


When we first bought the house, this is what our foyer looked like ~

With so much to do, we’re only able to do the work in small bits. So, in the meantime, before Dan could actually overhaul it, we had new doors put in and I painted it the panelling white so it wouldn’t be so dark ~


On January 2nd, he was ready to start in on the foyer. So he pulled the panelling off the walls. He is currently doing the drywall, and then will put in a new stairway bannister and new ceramic tiles.


Nothing like living in a constant construction site! But it will look nice when it’s completed. 🙂

The floor is fixed!

The men arrived promptly at 8 am. They were friendly and had a way about them that calmed my nerves. They set up all their equipment and made lots of noise. They worked through until about 5 pm until it was finished. It isn’t perfectly flat, but it is no longer sunken, which is wonderful! There was a crack in the brick wall over the fireplace and that disappeared as well. I’m so glad to have that done! However, now the floor is bare and we need some sort of covering – tile? carpet? wood?

I’m making all my decorations for vbs which is next week. One wall will be water with hanging fish and along the ‘shore’ will be river rocks, shells, and baby Moses floating in a basket. Another wall will have a robot and control panel overlooking the galaxy. I’ve been spending the past several days working on these and will share pictures after I set my room up after church on Sunday.


I haven’t written in awhile I see. Two weeks ago the girls and I went to the national zoo to meet one of the women off my board – one of the moderators. It was the first time we ever met in real life, but it didn’t feel that way. We had a great day (although it was super hot!) Since we’ve known each other for years online, it was very easy to talk about things and we got along great. Our kids had a good time, too, and wished we would be able to get together again. But she was visiting from out of state, so I don’t know how often we’ll be able to get together.

This week we are having some work done on our house. When we bought the house last summer, the family room had a dip in the concrete in the family room. On Thursday, men are coming to straighten it out. They will put holes in the concrete and insert a liquid plastic that will raise it up. They’ll pump it in like you pump gas in your car. It should be very interesting to watch! And I can’t wait to see the results! We had to pull up the carpet in that room and scrape the tiles underneath today. And Dan had to remove one wall that will probably raise up with the floor and could have done some damage to the upper level.

We are excited to get the floor done, but I know it will take some time before the new flooring (probably tile) will be finished and before all the walls are drywalled. I hate messiness, so this will drive me crazy and stress me out! But I know one day it will look nice and am thankful that the Lord is providing for it all to be fixed!