Long time, no write!

Hello all! I hope you are all well in health and in spirit. I found I haven’t updated in a while! Sorry.

We have lately been experiencing problems with our water. We have well water, and apparently our well went dry… it was only six feet deep! Problematic? Yes. Annoying? Yes. Thirsty? Yes.

So like we called like the well… people? and they came by and dropped off 3,000 gallons of water for us while they prepare for later to dig us a new well. Problem-solving? Somewhat. Thirst-quenching? Sure. Let’s go with that one!

I’ll have to take some pictures of some of the things we’ve been doing lately… around the house and such.

I was talking to one of my friends recently and she’s in college, out of state. So I asked her, “What’s your favorite subject?” and she said, “Intro to Interpersonal Relations.” So I, being the ignorant person I am and not having the common sense to figure things out myself, asked, “So what’s that? It sounds fun.” And she said, “Interpersonal Relations is about relating to other people.” Ohhhh! *lightbulb over head goes on… finally. cough, cough… eeew, dust* I need to remember this for next time. Yes, next time.

It’s time for the Spanish word joke of the day! Actually, this would be the first.

Okay, here it is. Yep, right below. NOW! Yes, below. It’s there. I promise. Right there. Yup. You can scroll down now! Okay, I’ll stop. Me oh my!

Spanish: Hay tres clases de personas: las que saben contar, y las que no.

English: There are three classes of people: those who know how to count, and those who don’t.

Prayer requests?