Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! The Lord is good. He is Holy. And He is worthy to receive all glory and honor and power!!!

At a friend’s get together a week ago, one man, a brother in Christ, shared how a clerk had told him “happy holidays” and he had replied to her how offended he was by that. I really struggled with what to say to respond to him. He’s the kind of person who doesn’t listen well. Later on in another discussion, he made a comment on how important it was that something wasn’t in the Bible, and I did manage to say “well, merry Christmas isn’t in the Bible either.” Maybe that was all I needed to say at that time.

But it is something I’ve thought about since. I’ve said “happy holidays” many times. Mostly because I love that it’s Christmas and New Year so close together. Our family takes off a week or two from school in order to really have a relaxing holiday. It IS the holidays. It’s not ‘just’ Christmas. We get to enjoy two holidays!

But also, we should try very hard to not take offense. 1 Corinthians says love is not easily provoked. To me there is a huge difference in someone saying that *I* cannot say “Merry Christmas” and expecting everyone else to say it to me. Why should they? What does it matter what they say? What matters is what I say (and besides, saying “Merry Christmas” isn’t sharing or even acknowledging Christ).

Anyway, I hope that my friend ponders his stance a little more deeply. And my family had a wonderful Christmas! I hope yours did too!!


I just started a new book called Living by the Book, by Howard and William Hendricks. One statement that stood out to me in Chapter One (pg 29) is this

By the way, one way not to do it is through guilt. Guilt is a poor motivator. It’s very powerful, but it’s also poisonous to the learning process. It kills the joy that ought to mark firsthand acquaintance with the Word. Guilt drives more people away from the Scriptures than into them.

Guilt truly is a poor motivator. What a truth that is. It goes for everything from Bible teaching, to parenting … to attempting to motivate anyone to do anything! And yet, I see and hear it being used all the time. I’m guilty of using it myself. What a great reminder.