I’ve come to suck your vlood…. Bwaha. *cough*

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Heh.

I’m sooooooooo excited! Tomorrow I get to go to a birthday party for a girl in the church who’s turning 1yo. She’s adorable! It drives my friend crazy, she’s like, “Whenever I see you, you’re holding a baby! It’s crazy! I don’t even know why you like them. All they do is cry and drool. You want one, don’t you?” And I’m like, “Yes! Well, I don’t want one yet. But babies are cute! I don’t know why you don’t like them.” But anywho, I’m sooooooooo excited.

So I’ve been reading this book (for school) called ‘Up From Slavery’. It’s about Booker T. Washington, and it was written by him too. It’s really good. It really makes you appreciate how things have changed since his time. But yeah, it’s good.

Up From Slavery

So today I saw this video of two teenagers who became millionares. It’s insane. My new life goal: Eat as much chocolate as I can and still lose weight Become a multi-millionare by the time I’m 20. Now I just need to figure out how to do this. Become a professional song writer? Work at Chick-fil-a? Learn to speak 10 languages and become a translator? Design guitar straps?

Do my ambitions seem too far out? Will I ever find out who came up with the word supererogatory? Is the sun really JUST a mass of incandescent gas, or more? Why is it spelled “bass” but pronounced “base” instead of “bass” like the fish? These are the questions that I ponder long into the night.

Soooooooo, I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll go research something. Like Les Paul Gibson guitars. So if that guitar bassist at youth group ever talks to me again (most likely) I’ll know what he’s talking about. Other than just going, “Oh, yeah. I think they make electric violins too. It’s insane.” And looking extremely confused.

Sooooooo, I guess I’ll go research something. Or something. Maybe I’ll follow my life’s ambitions and find out a way to become a multi-millionare. Yup.


Oh, and here’s a picture I took, for all y’alls.

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That is spanish for dentist. Italian, too. grinn My youngest daughter bumped her mouth during game time at awana back in the fall. The tooth has begun turning gray and she’s going to need a root canal. yuck


It is scheduled to occur next week. She is a worried little girl. hug2 Please pray for her if you feel led.

Dan is continuing to work on the foyer. The sanding is thankfully over, for the most part. This weekend he hung new doors on each of the rooms that exit the foyer. He did a great job and it’s so nice to have doors once again! What a multi-talented husband I have! :heart:

Lost thoughts

So…. Lost. We’ve watched it since the beginning. It got us right away with the crash on the first show.

This is the fourth season. When season 3 ended in the spring, and they said they weren’t going to start the fourth season until February, we seriously considered not watching it anymore. It’s very frustrating having more questions each show, and never getting any answers from previous shows. Also, I’m worried that if they ever canceled it, without giving the answers, I just might go insane! LOL!

Then the writer’s strike started and there were only 8 episodes done for this year. I’m so glad they started airing the shows, and are going to be able to begin shooting more shows now that the strike is over! And I sure hope the show stays on the air until we get the answers. Right now, they are saying that the show will continue for two more years and then it will end. So, I’m hoping that it will all make sense in the year 2010. : )

For now, after watching the first four shows of 2008, I have these thoughts…

Is Ben good or bad???? Will we ever know? Is that a subjective question?


Is Kate’s son Aaron, Claire’s Aaron? Why would Jack not want to be a part of Aaron’s life? Aaron is his nephew, even if he doesn’t realize it. And he’s been treating Aaron since before he was born.



If it’s Claire’s baby, authorities wouldn’t allow a fugitive to adopt a baby.

Did Kate pass Aaron off as her own son? They’ve only been gone 3 months. Although, she was in Australia for some time before the crash. And will this time warp the new arrival is hinting they’re in make it seem they’ve been gone even longer, or not as long?

Is baby Aaron possibly really Sawyer’s (please yes! LOL) and she just called him Aaron in honor of Claire’s baby?

Why would having baby Aaron present in the courtroom be such a big deal? The lawyer said it would be good to show Kate’s character is good.

Kate said to Jack that she’s heard him say his lies so many times that she is wondering if he believes it. So, the story he gave must be the story they had to agree to give in order to leave the island. “8 people survived when the plane crashed in the water.” So, they probably stuck to the story of the plane going down in the trench- which the public believed, and then said that 8 people survived after all, even though they’d released that all had died. I wonder which 2 they claim don’t survive? Claire?

Interesting that Ben has that much 3.2 million dollars! And that he has so many passports. And that Sayid works for him once off the island. I’m wondering if Sayid has actually worked for him all along?

What happens to all the other losties when the 6 leave the island?

As always, more questions than answers!! But I really liked it. thumbs up

Emiliano Zapata

So, yesterday was a strange day, filled with sadness, some relief and a little craziness, too.

It was the 20th anniversary of my son’s death. 20 years ago, I woke up rested, which as the mom of a 3-week-old, immediately felt wrong. I raced in to the baby’s crib, and he was dead. 20 years later, I have recovered, life goes on and is good, and I don’t get too wrapped up in the memory. That is, until the anniversary of his short life and death. Then, each year, the memory floods back, though without the shock that numbed my feelings those many years ago. It’s a sad, heavy-type feeling that comes upon me each year over the months of January and February, with the worst being the actual anniversary dates.

However, it isn’t at all debilitating. I allow myself to remember, and allow myself to grieve for the loss of my little boy. I remember what he looked like, what he felt and smelled like, how it felt to hold him. And I imagine what he would be like now, what he would look like now. His short little life deserves to be remembered.

But, I also for the most part go about life as usual, and we had a luncheon to go to. A woman in our co-op had organized for some of us to go to her brother-in-law’s restaurant, called Zapatas. I did a little research and discovered Emiliano Zapata is a Mexican hero. In the early 1900’s, he fought for land, liberty, and justice against a corrupt government.


So, that turned out to be my little crazy experience. My husband left early from work to meet us at the restaurant, which serves authentic Mexican cuisine. Another family met us there, too, and then we were expecting the family of the woman who arranged it. Well, we arrived and were a little worried to find out that the staff knew nothing of our visit. The owner, her bil, wasn’t there. And neither was she!

Why haven’t I learned to take all my contact info with me?? Why, for that matter, haven’t I inserted everyone’s number into my cell phone??? I just haven’t gotten around to it! Without that info, I had to call a friend, who had to track down the missing organizing woman’s phone number and call me back. I finally got her on the phone, and said, “um, Alison, we’re at Zapata’s…where are you?” And I heard her shock on the other end of the phone. She’d forgotten! The poor dear broke into tears. She’s the mom of both a teen and a baby and she works. She’s involved in ministries at the church, and she’s just overwhelmed. She was horrified and couldn’t believe that she’d forgotten.

For me, I was just glad to get out on my sad anniversary date and enjoy a good lunch with my dh and some friends. Once you compare the reality of a child’s death with other events, like forgetting you organized a co-op luncheon, there really is no comparison. To me, it was strictly a minor inconvenience. For her, though, she felt terrible.

It was actually kind of a funny situation to be in. Here we are in a restaurant, and the staff had absolutely no idea what to do with us. : ) We got it worked out, and had a nice lunch, although the field trip had been promoted as the kids getting to try some foods they normally wouldn’t eat, and they just ended up ordering a kid’s meal off the menu like usual. And we also had expected to get to make tortillas, and we didn’t get to do that either. But the food was great, and I enjoyed the meal and the company.

And, while I was there, I received a phone call from my doctor about a recent biopsy I’d had done, which was negative. That was my relief. : )

God is good! And I am His child!!!! : )

Oh, and we watched American Idol in the evening after awana (at which my dd finished her book!) Our favorite singers were Michael Johns (the australian who sang Jim Morrison and just blew me away!), Jason Castro (the one with the dreadlocks), and David Archuleta (who has a great voice and is just simply adorable!). And Danny Noriega’s expressions just had me laughing so hard! What a fun show! : )


Randall Arthur

My favorite books are Randall Arthur’s Wisdom Hunter, Betrayal (Betrayal and Brotherhood of Betrayal are the same), and Jordan’s Crossing. They are about Christians, the church, legalism, struggles, and grace.


They all were very good, but I loved Wisdom Hunter the best. It is about a pastor who has been convinced that Christianity is all about theology, religion, tradition and externals. And through very difficult circumstances, He learns that God is compassionate and relational, and discovers true grace.

Today I just happened to suggest these books in a thread on the board. And so I thought I should post here some information about him. His real name is Randall Arthur Dodd and he is a missionary in real life.

You can listen to his testimony here. I especially encourage you to listen to this (all the way to the end!) and read the books if you are a pastor or in some other ministry, but I heartily recommend them to everyone.

The book will challenge you and have you thinking and pondering about what a relationship with Christ really means. It will also have you missing the characters. : ) Both the books and his audio testimony will tug at your heart.

You can support his missionary work: PRO Missions, Inc. P.O. Box 1150 Cordova, TN 38088 (Missionary Randy Dodd)

“Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering (for He is faithful who promised),
and let us consider one another to provoke to love and to good works,
not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.” ~ Heb 10:23-25

Pandas, otters, and youth ski trips : )

Dh and dd are going on a ski trip this weekend with the youth from church. Please pray that they all will be safe during the drive and the skiing too! Dh will be cooking for the group and dd will be playing keyboard with the worship band. They will have multiple worship sessions designed to help them grow in their relationship with the Lord.

These are some Godtube videos that are so cute! This first one is of a baby panda that sneezes and scares it’s momma!


In this one, there are two otters floating around on their back…and they are holding hands! It’s just so sweet! They drift apart for a minute, and then rejoin again. What a great video catch!


And this one is just too precious. A little four year old girl sings “Indescribable” for special music at her church! It just melts my heart!

And then if you have time for one more, this is a 13 year old boy who calls into a Christian radio station to talk over the fact that he just had to put a momma cow down. And he has a moment where he understands that God completely understands how he feels. : )


Enjoy! Grace to you,
~ Bonnie

Mocha Lattes and Chocolates… the sins of the church.

Okay, so today at church for the first service I was feeling very tired and I was really out of it, so I decided to make myself a cup of coffee. So I’m standing there, putting in the creamer, and a man that teaches youth group comes up to talk to me. I’ll call him N. And so as I’m talking to N, a teen guy who I talk to sometimes comes up and just listens. I’ll call him D.

N (to me): “You know, you probably shouldn’t be drinking coffee. It may stunt your growth from all the caffiene.”
D (looks at me, looks at coffee I’m holding, looks at N): “Pshh, come on! I think her growth has already been stunted. I mean, just look at her!”

Okay, at this point I’m really annoyed. D just loves to give me a hard time about my height. So, in my own defense, I tell him about how I was actually put on caffiene as a baby and that’s why I’m 5 foot and a half an inch now. Yes, five foot and a half an inch. Not even 5’1. I get it. I’m short. So then N goes: “I was put on caffine as a baby too. My mom put Coke in my bottles and fed it to me. I just must have had the opposite reaction than you did. Haha!”
Okay, so N is like majorly tall. Like, 6′ and a lot of inches. Like, I’d say like 6’10 or something. I don’t know, I’m so short I can’t tell. I like, have to strain and like look wayyy far up to see him. And so like him telling me all this is so not helping. I actually liked loved having an excuse for being short. And he killed it. So I just laughed it off and decided to go spend my time crying in a corner hating my life talking to someone supportive of people who are space savers.

So that covers the Mocha Latte sin of the church. I mean, it’s not really mocha lattes… but whatever. It’s just the fact that having coffee causes the taller people in the church to poke fun at the shorter people in the church and make them lie and say it’s because of coffee. Is that not evil?!?!? I mean, that’s two sins in one. NOT loving your neighbor AND lying to try to convince them that coffee does indeed keep you short. Okay, so I’ll admit… it was just poking around… and coffee DOES have a lot of caffine… But no matter, I’m sticking with it.

NOW comes the chocolatey-sinful-aspect of church. Okay, so the Bible calls gluttony sin, right? I’ve been trying to watch my sweets. You know, laying off the chocolate and chocolate and chocolate and chocolates and stuff. Did I say chocolates? Okay, so anywho. So, WHY, OH WHY! do they have to have a whole, entire, heaping table FULL of chocolate in the youth group room?!?!?!?!? I mean, not straight up chocolate, but like… Hershey kisses, chocolate muffins, chocolate lollipops, chocolate covered animal crackers, chocolate milk, chocolate cake…. We typically have chocolate donuts but not this week…. You get the idea! I mean, this is SO wrong. The Bible also tells that you shouldn’t cause a brother to stumble, and like if it’s sin to him don’t encourage it, you know. So they’re like TOTALLY encouraging gluttony by putting all these temptations in your face, right?!?! This is wrong, right?!?!?!


Just kidding. I love everything about church. The chocolate, the chocolate, the coffee, the people who make fun of you for being short, the WHOLE shebang.

Oh, and just to let you know, I didn’t eat any of the chocolate. I was so proud of myself. =]] Then, when no one was paying attention, after lunch… I snuck some of my leftover Christmas candy. I’m so bad.



Everybody… everybody!

The title is one of my good friend’s current ringtones. It annoys me to death, but it’s strangely addicting. I think it’s like the themesong from this website he goes to or something. Oh well.

So it’s 3:30 on a Saturday and what have I accomplished today? I ate some cheese and 2 candy canes. Oh yeah, and I’m breathing, too! Does that count? Basically, I’ve been on the computer for a long time. And listening to my dad torture some cat sand the walls in the foyer. I’ve kind of grown accustomed to the noise in the background.

My neck hurts. I think I pulled a muscle. I should probably get up and take some acetominaphin or microwave that heating pad you put around your neck or something. Or maybe I’ll just sit here.

Actually, I think I should probably be looking up and writing a paragraph about three people of like twenty listed and writing about how they helped start WW1. It’s facinating, but honestly I’m not sure what to write about them without totally copying what other people wrote. But I think whenever I stop writing this blog entry I’ll do that.

Lately, I’ve been getting addicted to the music of Ed Alleyne-Johnson. His electric violin playing is simply MAGICAL. Do any of you listen to him? How many of you have heard the song, “Saltwater” by Linzi Stoppard? I love that one too.

So I’m contemplating on whether or not to play piano for the Easter or like Palm Sunday service at my church. I probably COULD, but I don’t think I’ll end up doing it. I just have so much going on anyway, one more night at the church may be a little much. Speaking of church, that’s tomorrow! I can’t wait for that. I can’t wait to see which friends I’ll sit next to in Youth Group. Oh, and I think one of my favorite speakers is speaking tomorrow. That’ll be cool. I think the pastor will be preaching about praying too. That should be interesting.

But anyway, I should really be getting to that history report. Talk to you guys later! Also, some questions. I’m dying to learn more about you guys.

Prayer requests?
What’s your favorite movie?
Do you listen to Ed Alleyne-Johnson?
How many donuts can you stick in your mouth at once?

These are the questions that haunt me.


The Baltimore Aquarium

Bonnie here~

This week we went with our co-op group to the Baltimore Aquarium. It’s such a great place! My youngest loves to look at all the animals, but seems to be especially intriqued by the sharks (she loves to buy shark teeth!).

I like the rain forest exhibit and the dolphins the most. And I think the best part for Kitty was just being with her friends, lol!

I ran into a few ladies who work there who were very nice and knowledgeable and they were very interesting to chat with! Anyway, I thought I’d share some of the photos that I took:


What I hope for my children…

My prayer is that my children will grow up to –


not thoughtlessly repeat what others say


have the strength to go against the crowd


understand the importance of words


have the courage to ask questions


have discernment in deciding if something is true, independent of how many say it


have the courage to respectfully disagree