Lost is back! And ALW on AI

Lost was back last night! I read the article in the TV Guide the night before. It made me feel hopeful that they really do plan on answering and making sense of the mystery of the island. Sometimes it can be so confusing and I can get fed up and threaten to stop watching. But then, they do something very clever and I can’t help myself. =)

It was good. Ben somehow time traveled to the future (or in the future), can speak different languages, and it was shown how he manipulated Sayid into working for him. I was completely confused, though, when he came face to face with Widmore and, though they are enemies, weren’t ‘allowed’ to hurt one another. ? He claimed he is going to kill Penelope (Widmore’s daughter) since Widmore had his daughter, Alex killed. Confusing!

In American Idol, during ALW week, Carly got kicked off. That was kind of a shocker. In the beginning they were predicting her to be in the top two. They were really hard on Jason, who was supposedly sick. I thought he sounded good! I discovered that those who know him say that he has good, strong morals, is a good kid, and is an all-around nice guy. He is asking for prayer for energy, because they keep them going almost constantly. If you’d like to read about his hometown’s page on him- it’s here

He went to Saddleback church on Easter, and met with Rick Warren. And after the elimination shows, he has gone out to dinner with the youth pastors from Saddleback. His church (Lake Pointe) is excited for him and is selling t-shirts in support of him. I really like his music, and one reason I think one reason I like him is he’s the same age my son would have been, had he lived. I wonder if he’d lived, if my son would be laid back, kind of goofy, and generally care-free as Jason seems to be. I can only wonder. =)

I know if he were alive, was a Christian, and was in a contest such as this- I could only hope that his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ would support him with their kind words and prayers. I imagine that’s what Jason’s mom hopes for too.

Jason Castro sings IZ on American Idol

Tuesday night Jason Castro sang my all time favorite song. : )

Israel IZ Kamakawiwo’ole’s “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” At first I couldn’t believe my ears. That album is in my car cd player, and not too many people are familiar with it. It is a true Jason style song, though. The reason I love IZ so much is because his songs are so great for relaxing. And that’s the same reason that I like Jason. He is laid back, and mellow, and I relax when I hear his music. So I guess it’s not surprising that he’d choose to sing IZ’s most famous song. I think I like his version even better, since the only thing about listening to IZ is that he passed away, and so that fact makes me slightly sad when I listen to his beautiful, gentle voice.


I am slightly surprised, though, that Castro can play the ukulele. And slightly jealous. : ) I would love to be able to play. Maybe some day! Anyway, I am happy that the judges liked it. Hopefully he is safe! It was comical that the audience didn’t do their usual hand sway. They seemed quite still.

I was a little surprised also in the ending song for Idol gives back – “Shout to the Lord.” They replaced the beginning “My Jesus, My Savior” for “My Shepherd, My Savior,” but the rest stayed the same. I just am not sure why they chose that song. It’s a wonderful worship song, but Idol isn’t exactly a Christian show…

Here on the home front I’ve been quite busy trying to put together a yearbook for our co-op. My photography class took the photos. I am learning Adobe In Design to do the layout and am also learning about book binding. We’re considering buying a binding machine so that we can actually make them ourselves. I’d love for the teens to be able to actually make them! And then I will be also able to make some other books- to create a homeschool portfolio book, photo books, and put together some of the short stories and poems that we have written. It’s been stressful, but I LOVE to LEARN!