Fun, Fun, Fun in the Summer Sun

3.jpg We went to the bay and there was this cool lighthouse holding some young ospreys.

2.jpg This is my dad who caught a fish. Well, he caught three but this is the only pic I got.

 I tried to get them to both look away at the same time but they wouldn’t listen.

 The osprey feeding it’s young.

 The dock where you put in your boats.

 My sister holding a diet coke… My diet coke! Pshh as if she of all people should be holding diet.

 Her hair was all flowy.

 The osprey and young.

 I never realized how cool those ropes looked.

 My sister fishing.

 I got her to smile for almost every picture.

 The dock. I adjusted the settings and it looked all dark and mysterious. Ooooo, ahhhhhh.

 My parents looking at each other.

 My mom driving the boat.