Thanksgiving and Christmas have come and gone and the New Year is coming up… Time sure does go by fast. We have taken the boat out on warm days… Dan and I were just able to go out on Saturday. It was bitter cold and then the temps rose into the 60’s. I’m lovin’ it!

We are really enjoying having the boat. We haven’t taken many vacations over the years, and now having it is like having a vacation day whenever we want. It is so much fun, and there is nothing like feeling the salty breeze and rocking on the endless water.  Dan loves being out on it so much. I’m so glad that we got it! We are looking forward to taking the girls out on it this summer.

Last night Dan’s boss offered us his tickets and we went to the Ravens last home game. They won against Jacksonville and are now going to be in the playoffs. It was a good game, lots of fun to be at, and we had a great time. We stopped at the Outback on the way home for a late night dinner. We enjoyed a terrific date. What a nice end to a long Christmas holiday weekend. : ) And we didn’t have to worry about the girls, as our friends had asked for them to spend the day with them. It all worked out great!

I can’t believe in a few days it will be 2009! Happy New Year! The Lord is good!