it’s 2010!

Wow I didn’t blog for a whole year!

Well… mostly that is because of facebook, but also because I have started working and I couldn’t remember my password here, either.

I am working for social services now…. something I have always wanted to do. It’s what I went to college for, just never managed to do with moving around due to Dan being in the military and having kids and homeschooling and all. But here I am employed with social services, thanks mostly to Obama’s stimulus package.

I enjoy most of the job, although it is so busy due to the rise in unemployment. We are all overworked and it doesn’t seem like we’ll ever get caught up. Interviewing people is fun, and the computer system is even fun, but the paperwork, not so much.

I’m currently in training. They will send me periodically for policy updates and such. I love training! The hours are awesome and it is so relaxed it’s almost like a vacation. 🙂

Cassie is in her last year of highschool, consecutively she is in her first year at college. She made the honor list. Great job, Cassie! I’m proud of you!!

Praying for those in Haiti.