This summer we decided we’d get some chickens. A woman was renting incubators and we thought we’d give it a try. Three eggs fit in the incubator. She also had another family hatching three eggs and asked if we’d like to keep any that hatched from that batch as well. She said typically only one or two eggs would hatch for a total of 2-6 chicks.

So, July 1st we picked up the incubator and three eggs. On July 20th we could hear peeping inside all three eggs!

July 21st we woke up to two little babies! You can see we still had two days left, so these little guys were early!

We waited all day Thursday and most of Friday and were worried about the third baby chick, but then we heard peeping and the egg shook and after a couple hours, we got a third little baby!

This one we got to watch hatch! He was a big baby, and is still the biggest. Actually, I’m saying ‘he’ but I have no idea if it’s a girl or boy yet.

Here they are at two weeks. Aren’t they cute!?

The other family had three chicks hatch as well! The woman who rents the equipment was really surprised.

So, now we have six! They are four and a half weeks old now. They grew out of their box, took over our dining room for awhile, and now are in the basement.  They make such a mess! I made an aviary in the basement for them as they are beginning to fly. They are old enough to go outside each day for just awhile. Dan is looking over coop ideas and has to get to work on one soon so they can go outside full time in a few weeks.

I’m praying for at least five hens and hope to have some fresh daily eggs by Thanksgiving or Christmas! 🙂