a dark and stormy night

I am one of those people who move furniture around all the time. I just look at a room and decide it would look better if I moved it around, so I do, and I’m really happy with it until sometime later I look at it again and think of a better way to set it up. I think it gets on my family’s nerves when I get in that mood, but they are generally happy when I’m done, and it’s clean and more functional. Or maybe they are just happy when I’m done? hmmmm

I’m feeling sad tonight because I was raising a squirrel and it died last week. Sounds crazy, but I really miss her. She was so gentle and affectionate. She was just a baby, lost after a storm. I had her about 5 weeks and she was thriving. I found her dead and couldn’t tell why she died. Here she is very healthy and seems fine but dies unexpectedly, but the bunny I got last year with seizures and splayed legs and all kinds of problems is still going strong.

I never realized squirrels are so affectionate and gentle. She would play like a puppy or kitten, but never bite down enough to hurt at all. She also would only go potty in one little place in her cage. She was one of my favorite animals ever, and I’ve had so so many…. sigh.

Right now it is storming like crazy. Our shepherd is scared silly and I am hoping our chickens are okay.  And all the little wild baby animals out there….