“April is a promise that May is bound to keep” ~ Hal Borland

I was looking for something and read over my old blog posts. It was fun to read and remember the past six years. The pics of my girls really surprised me, they’ve grown so much! I’m happy to have written here, and have that chance to go back and be reminded of some fun times. 🙂

We have been so busy lately. Dan is in school and finishing up his degree. It’s his last few weeks. I’m so proud of him for providing for us and being able to hang out with us as a family and yet have completed his school work, too. He’s even graduating with honors! I’m so proud. 🙂

Alanna kept us extremely busy the past few months as she was acting in a production. Cassandra is ending her third year in college. She is such a great student! They are wonderful young women and make me proud. 🙂

I have been been doing home daycare. Our home (or part of it) is filled with little footsteps and voices all day. The kids make me laugh, I’m able to stay home, and the money is good. The weather is getting warmer and I love being able to spend a good part of the day outdoors!

Dan and I have been weight training, running and eating healthy. We are looking forward to a cruise to the Bahamas! 🙂

Life is good, and God is so gracious and always full of love.