Polar Bear Mask Crafts

This month our theme is Polar Bears and Penguins. We are practicing the “P” sound and reading books that accentuate the letter P, or are about polar bears or penguins. This week we worked on this polar bear mask. I like crafts that take a couple days and the children get to wait to see the fruit of their labor. 🙂

When I am trying to think up a craft, I do a google image search on what I’m interested in, like in this case, “polar bear crafts for preschool.” I saw this one in my search and decided it would be an easy one to do that the kids would enjoy. So, here is how we did it.

First, I cut a hole for the bear nose:

Then, they painted an applesauce cup white for the nose. They don’t know how to cover it with paint, but it still had enough for effect. 🙂

We pushed the applesauce cup through the hole, and then I hot glued it in.

I cut out eyes and mouth. Mine are too small to cut in shapes, but older ones could do this themselves. We talked about each body part.

We tore up paper towels into small pieces for fur. We talked all about what fur is and the color white.

I spread glue around on the plates and the kids placed the paper towel pieces all around, covering the glue.

They are done and it’s time for the bears to dry.

The final thing we did was to glue a little black circle on the nose. Here is the finished product!

They are going to keep these here for the month for other activities with our theme (games, stories, etc). This allowed them practice with small motor development, hand eye coordination, we were able to talk about and point out body parts, shapes, identify the color white, articulate “po-lar,” stress the “p” sound, and feel sensory items. This was a fun one that we’ll do each year. 🙂