Sneaking Veggies into Spaghetti

I thought I’d share my win of the day! Today, as usual, I had eight wee people age 5 and under. These little ones that have previously chowed down on their veggies and fruits, have recently begin to turn up their wee little noses. Once one of the older ones balk, they all seem to follow suit. So I’ve been thinking of ways to sneak veggies in. Of course I will still continue to offer fruits and veggies in their natural state, but if I can sneak some more in, I will!

One thing they all absolutely love is spaghetti. So today I decided to sneak some veggies into the sauce. I chopped up some sweet potatoes and got out some organic baby carrots. I steamed them until they were soft, and then put them in my Ninja with a little sauce and water.

veggies veggiesblender

I already have used Barilla’s veggie pasta, which is made with zucchini and spinach. It looks and tastes the same as regular pasta, and the kids love it.spag


The sauce with the added veggies looked and tasted EXACTLY the same as it regularly does. I think it’s important to puree the veggies, as these little guys would immediately spy (and reject) grated veggies.



All of my wee people ate multiple helpings!



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