Wee People Handbook

Please note this is a home, as well as a daycare. Prospective parents must have an appointment for an interview. Thank you!

Bonnie’s Wee People Learning Garden * * Lic # 159207

2021 Handbook and Contract


2          About / philosophy

3          Family Involvement

Covid/Pandemic/State Of Emergency

4          Hours of Operation



5          Arrival/Departure


            Legal Custody

            Behavioral Expectations

            Health and Safety


            Dress Code


            Articles from Home


6          Back up care


            Open Door Policy

            Positive Discipline

            Touch Policy

            Child Abuse



7          Confidentiality


            Daily Schedule

            Outdoor Activities

            Sample Menu

8          Communication

            Extreme Disaster

            Potty Training


9          Contract

11        Permission Slips:

Authorization to Leave Care

Permission to Transport/Field Trip Authorization

Permission to Photograph


***Please read and follow the policies within. If you disagree with anything, feel free to discuss it with me!  Know that every provider may not be a good fit for every family and vice versa. If you have an issue with how I run my childcare business, I may not be a good fit for you, and that’s okay! However, I feel strongly that not following my policies is disrespectful of the other families, children, and myself.  Signing the contract and putting your child into my care shows that you fully intend to abide by the policies within.

Thank you for choosing Wee People Learning Garden!

About  Your Provider-

Bonnie Haskins; MS in Early Childhood; Maryland Credential level 6, Maryland Excels level 3

I am a professional early childhood teacher with a Masters in early childhood. I have run licensed home childcare for 20+ years (6 at this address),  have the Maryland preschool teaching certificate, and I participate in the voluntary Maryland Credential (having earned the highest possible level). To become licensed, I have periodic inspections by the Maryland Department of Ed and the Fire Marshall. My family and I have been fingerprinted and obtained medical clearances.  I take 24 hours of classes and professional development courses annually.

I have two adult children.  One is an accountant with a Bachelors degree Magna Cum Laude from Towson. She also earned an Early Childhood and Special Education Associates degree from AACC Summa Cum Laude. The other has worked as DoD at Ft. Meade since she was 16 and is on the honor’s list at UMBC, where she studies Asian culture and languages. I am incredibly proud of both!

In the past, I’ve also been the director of a homeschool teaching co-op, was a Girl Scout leader and Sunday School teacher, and worked at Social Services for three years.

In your search for childcare, I encourage you to visit multiple homes and centers to ensure you find the one that resonates with you. Also take advantage of the MSDE website with resources found at  earlychildhood.marylandpublicschools.org, including the “Guide to Regulated Care.”

As my childcare is also my home, please be aware that our family includes dogs, cats, chickens, and more. All are healthy and immunized. We reserve the right to add to our animal family. I teach that all animals are to be treated gently and with respect.  Also, this is a non-smoking home: our family does not smoke and there is no smoking allowed on the premises by guests either.  Non-daycare areas are off limits to children and families.

MY Philosophy –

This is a “Play Care.” This does not mean that I sit on the sofa and watch them play! It’s been said that play is a child’s work, and I agree wholeheartedly. Learning takes place at a child led pace, with fun, silliness, and good times. My goal is to provide a stimulating, diverse environment, which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development.  The growth in a child’s brain the first five years is not only phenomenal, but also crucial. It is during this time that children develop fundamental learning skills, as well as social and emotional skills. The greatest learning takes place through fun and play – with songs, activities, laughter, and friends. I believe it is important to individualize for each and every child because children are individuals. In order to support the needs of individual children, I base activities on the interests, ages, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of each child.

I believe that all children deserve a safe environment, with a variety of toys and tools, and children are provided with many opportunities to interact with their peers. Children learn best through play, while having fun in a safe environment. Studies show that the most dramatic growth occurs in a child’s first five years. In order for the brain to experience optimum growth, it is key to challenge children with increasingly complex and varied experiences while they feel completely safe and secure. I offer myself as a guide, a friend, and a role model while scaffolding the children’s learning. I believe in being a life-long learner myself, and I am constantly trying to improve myself so that I can positively influence the children in my care.


I offer an inclusive program for children from birth to age 5.  I welcome those of diverse faiths, ethnic origins, race, etc. Diversity includes the different physical, cognitive, and social abilities that one possesses.  I strive to create a developmentally appropriate classroom environment that not only reflects a child’s unique abilities, but also each child’s home culture and experiences. I welcome all children into my program, including children with special health care needs, disabilities, and children who speak other languages. I meet the children’s needs by working with professionals, such as speech and physical therapists, and others. I am honored to work with an IFSP OR IEP team to make modifications and accommodations for children with special health care needs or disabilities.


I teach the children in my program through play, through social interaction, through lesson plans, and through environment.  I use the Maryland State approved OWL curriculum (Opening the World of Learning).  It is a comprehensive early literacy program approved by MSDE. The OWL curriculum is an age-appropriate, child-directed program which supports the development of all the children individually and as a group. It sets the framework for my planning, choosing books, ideas for songs, activities, center setups, and discussions. Our daily routine includes teacher directed activities and child selected activities.

Children are experiential learners, so the classroom is organized so that children can learn through exploration and discovery, while learning self-control and confidence. The environment is print rich with books, calendars, alphabet charts, labels, children’s names, family pictures, and children’s work displayed. Mathematical concepts are supported through various types of blocks, cars, trains, and legos. Science is supported with gardens, pets, wildlife, manipulatives, and science experiments. Social studies is developed through discovering cultural heritages, families, field trips, and visits.  Art is explored through a variety of materials which allow children to express themselves.  Motor development activities include dance, running, climbing, sliding, swinging, balancing, and sports. Small muscle activities include cutting, tearing, stringing, building, and music.  Dramatic play helps them work out their feelings and put their thoughts into words.


I am constantly conducting formal and informal assessments on children, and I use this information to help me plan our lessons in order to address the needs and strengths of each child.  I make sure I take into account the interests of the children at every given point. My lessons build on experiences and strengths the children currently possess and build through scaffolding new experiences and expectations to increase their abilities and skills.

Family Involvement:

Your involvement here is very much appreciated and welcomed. I consider us a partnership and extension of your family.  Included are the ways that I try to strengthen that bond. I believe that all families deserve to be included in their child’s care environment. I feel it is crucial for us to understand a child as part of their family system. Ideally we need to understand a family’s boundaries, rules, and hierarchy at home in order to truly understand the child. We need to see the child’s whole picture. I believe it is important to individualize for each and every child because children are individuals. Activities are based on the interests, ages, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, cultural and social backgrounds, as well as the personal interests of the children through a variety of teaching styles.

I expect a mutually respectful relationship with no cursing, violence, arguing, etc. Inappropriate behavior will be cause for immediate termination. If you wish to visit your child during the day, you will be required to take your child home with you. Visits from parents in the children’s minds mean that they are leaving, and if they don’t get to leave, they are very upset afterwards.

I offer opportunities for you to be involved during the year. We have several parties, such as at Christmas, and Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day appreciation days.  I have a family information area where I display my certificates, inlcuding a bulletin board so that families can see and access important information.  I welcome your participation in extra events and field trips we may take, such as the county Halloween party, pumpkin patch visit, pool parties, Christmas parties, etc.


Please join our private family facebook page just for families. I upload pictures taken throughout the day every day. I add important information, cute stories, and highlights of the day.  I welcome your comments and the opportunity to hear and talk about activities with the children. I blog or post occasionally on the WeePeople.us site when there is something interesting that I am reading or researching regarding early childhood.

I will have your phone number programmed in my phone, and hope that you feel free to text if you have any concerns, questions, info about illness, or if you are running late, or just a cute story to tell. I also check email for those who can’t text at work. I welcome your feedback and constructive criticism as I am always trying to improve my program.

Covid/Pandemic/State Of Emergency :  This is extremely important. Your cooperation is needed. Please read!

Living in a pandemic, state of government imposed shut down, and so forth has been a learning period for us all. We have learned all about uncertainty.  Since I run a small business that is relied upon, I will do my best to keep everyone safe and stay open.  For that I need your cooperation.

Please check yours and your child’s temperature before coming to daycare. Do a symptom check.  Upon signing your child in, your signature means that 1) your child is not sick, 2) no one in your family is sick, 3) no one to your knowledge has had any close contact with someone with covid symptoms or a positive covid test.   If any of these are true, your child may not attend care.

**ANY symptoms IN anyone YOUR HOUSEHOLD and the child CANNOT come to care, including fever (100.4), sore throat, fast breathing, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, aches and pains, cough, swelling, runny nose, rash, dizziness, red eyes, etc.

If you or your child has had close contact with someone with COVID-19 but are not currently sick, you should monitor your health for the above symptoms for 14 days after the last day you were in close contact with the sick person. You should not go to work, school, or daycare and should avoid public places for 14 days.  If you or anyone in your household is tested for Covid-19 let me know IMMEDIATLY and keep your child home until ALL test results are confirmed negative.

Any positive covid tests or suspect covid, I am to notify the health department for guidance.  This typically results in isolation for ALL families until all symptoms are gone for all. You are not allowed to take your child to another provider.  This can take from a minimum of two weeks to 6 weeks or more.

You can see that it is in your best interest to keep the child as isolated from others as possible and to socially distance yourself as much as possible.  These guidelines are in effect for all childcares in the county/state.

As far as travel, this needs to be done on a case-by-case basis.  If you are traveling anywhere large groups are without masks and social distancing, you are expected to quarantine for two weeks upon return.  If you go visit grandma and grandpa and social distance while there, it’s fine to come to care and watch for symptoms. We all need to be making wise choices to keep all our families safe.

What I am doing according to msde licensing mandates:
1) Parents (per licensing) are not allowed into my home. You must pick up and drop off on the porch, wear a mask, stay back if another family is on the porch, and use your own designated pen and thermometer. Please put them back in your drawer.

2) Every day I clean and sanitize floors, toys, doorknobs, light switches, toilet handles, sink handles, counter tops, etc.  Toys put in mouth are sanitized before another child plays with it. Children have their own designated spots at the table, chairs, cups, and markers.  I have two air filters going, and I have the highest grade filter in the central air unit.

3)  No field trips are allowed per the state. No articles are allowed from home except what is necessary.


Wee People Learning Center is open Monday – Friday from 7:30 am to 5:15 pm with the exception of the specific holidays/closures listed below. Children between the ages of 6 weeks and 6 years are eligible for enrollment. I have a maximum capacity of 8 children per day, which includes 2 under the age of 2. Documents to be completed and returned before enrollment include the signed handbook and contract, permission slips, deposit, first week’s tuition, Health form, immunization form, and emergency form. There may be others depending upon unique circumstances.

Holidays:  I will be closed for these PAID days holidays each year—Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Presidents’ Day/Washington’s Birthday; Good Friday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Columbus Day; Veterans Day; Thanksgiving Day and the day after; three days for Christmas; New Year’s Eve and Day.

Sick, vacation, and personal days:  I take 7 paid personal days per year. Other than the holidays listed above, I may have to close for appointments, family activity, training, vacation, or personal days. I will try to provide a substitute so I don’t have to close. If I must close, I will give you at least two-week notice so that you will have time to make alternative plans for care. In case of illness or emergency, I will call and notify you ASAP.

Attendance/Tuition: A slot is reserved for your child year round. Therefore, tuition is due year round, regardless of attendance. Payment will be due for each day enrolled, whether or not a child attends. Tuition is expected for days your child may be absent due to illness, family emergencies, doctor visits, hospitalizations, vacations, or any other reason. Please note that tuition rates do not change in the event of a week including a holiday. After extensive research, we have found our policy to be consistent with other schools and child day care centers. Because our costs remain the same throughout the year, we rely on the specified tuition to be paid each week in order to meet our expenses. Consequently, as much as we might like to, we cannot make allowance for any days missed in your regular attendance schedule.

If a child has to leave for an extended period of time, plans for absence should be discussed as early as possible with me. Payment should be made prior to the period of absence. When a child comes to school each day s/he will be expected to participate in all activities, including outdoor play. I should be notified when a child will be absent. If the absence is due to illness, the nature of the illness should be reported, particularly if it is contagious. I do not make up any time for missed hours or days. If you are late in the morning, you cannot pick up late in the evening to make up for it.

FEES:  Payments are to be made no later than Monday morning for that week in advance. If you do not pay Monday, you cannot drop your child off until you’ve paid your tuition plus late charge of $10 per day. If you pick up late, the late charge of  $10 per 15 minute increments due the following payday. Paying late and picking up late repeatedly is cause for termination.

COMMUNICATION: Proper communication is crucial. I will be sending home information on a regular basis. Infant and toddler parents receive daily reports. You are welcome to call or text to arrange a meeting at any time. Any concerns can and should be expressed. You must inform me in writing if there are changes in the person picking up your child. You may add or delete names of authorized adults as needed. It is important to call in advance if there are any sudden changes including but not limited to: late arrivals, late pickups, absences and any other important scheduling issues.

Legal Custody: Under the laws in the State of Maryland, both parents have the right to pick up their child unless a court document restricts that right. The enrolling parent, who chooses not to include the child’s other parent on the authorized pick-up list, must file an official court document (i.e., current restraining order, sole custody decree, or divorce decree stating sole custody) with me. Without that document, I must release the child to either parent, provided the parent can document his paternity/her maternity of the child. Police will be called if there is a discrepancy.

POSITIVE Behavioral Expectations:

Positive behavior is learned through self control and responsibility through redirection, stressing positive behaviors, providing an enriching environment to diminish disruptive behavior, offering interesting choices, facilitating settlement of disputes, letting children experience the natural consequences of their actions, establishing mutual respect, and developing house rules. Redirection is used often. I use verbal redirection, physical redirection, redirection with visual cues, and redirection with attention as needed.  I model positive words and actions. I provide many choices in an interesting environment. All of these are ways to help children build a strong self esteem, kindness, and positive behaviors.  Respect of the home and others is taught by positive commands – with “do” rather than “don’t” (ie: “walk” rather than “don’t run”, “be gentle” rather than “don’t hit”). Discipline focuses on prevention and redirection, consistency and firmness. If your child has any behavior issues here you will be the first to know. I keep the parents informed of any behaviors that require repeated corrections. Please keep me posted of any behavior issues you are having at home ESPECIALLY any kind of physical or violent acting out. I will be happy to help with advice or work on the issues here. If a child’s behavior is too disruptive or poses a risk to himself or others, the parent will be called to pick up their child. Children may be suspended for deliberately destroying property, running out of the environment, aggressive behavior such as hitting, biting, kicking, throwing. Any inappropriate behavior will be documented and discussed with the parents.

A spirit of cooperation and partnership is essential to each child’s success. Physically or verbally abusive behavior by adults is not acceptable and will result in immediate dismissal from the program. If a family has unfounded complaints about the program they will be given notice to locate a program that is better suited to meet their needs. If parents, siblings, or the child intentionally damages property, you are liable for 100% of the replacement costs. Wear and tear is normal but destructive behavior is not acceptable.  This is a safe place. There is no corporal punishment allowed in the home (and this includes parents). Please be firm but do not give or threaten to give spankings, etc, in our home (or driveway). Also, please do NOT use profanity while on the premises and especially not in front of the children.


This is a family day care home and the children are treated as family. *During covid we have a no touch policy as much is possible. Fist bumps instead of hugs, etc.

The children need adult physical contact for their care and healthy development. This contact can be described in three ways:

1). Nurturing: Holding, rocking, hugs and non-intimate kisses, hand holding, gentle tickling, caring and cuddling. This type of contact is never made against the wishes of the children.

2). Safety and Guidance: This includes restraining children from harmful situations, separating physically conflicting children, directing children by leading or guiding them and administering first aid to injuries.

3). Hygienic: This includes face and hand washing, assisting with bathroom duties (as appropriate to the age of the child), diaper changes, examining rashes or unusual marks, nose blowing, applying sun screen and assisting with or conducting necessary clothing changes.

It is also normal and healthy for little children to express affection with their peers. This includes hugs and kisses and hand holding. This type of contact is never made against the wishes of the children. I teach them to respect “no.”


Illness:  *NO SYMPTOMS DURING COVID. No giving medication to mask any symptoms. No doctor notes (a doctor cannot tell the difference in viruses).

I trust that you will not bring your child to childcare if they are ill.  Children may not attend if, and will be sent home if, they develop the following symptoms: fever (100.4+, diarrhea, vomiting, runny nose with color, rash, eye or ear discharge, lice (must be treated and nit free before returning), communicable disease (chicken pox, measles, mumps, pink eye, flu, etc), or just plain miserable (children cannot always communicate what is wrong). If you are contacted, your child must be picked up within ½ hour. Children must be symptom free without medications for 36+ hours to return. Children should be able to engage in all activities inside and out. If they are not, they are too ill to attend.

ALLERGY/ASTHMA:  Please complete an Allergy Action Plan and a Medical Action Plan if your child has an allergy or medical need. The plan should be completed by your child’s physician and signed by both the physician and the parent/guardian.

MEDICATION: All prescription medication must be in the original, labeled container with that child’s name. Most meds now are twice a day, so they don’t require the medicine at school. I will only give medicine if it requires three doses and I will give the mid day dose. Child care regulations prohibit me from giving your child medication of any kind unless you have filled out and signed Permission to Administer Form with doctor prescription and the prescription bottle with label.

SANITATION: All toys and surfaces are sanitized daily, sometimes 2 or 3 times daily. Any toy put into a child’s mouth is put aside to be washed and sanitized. All children have their own cups. Plates and utensils are washed and sanitized after each use.  Children must wear diapers or pull ups until I am confident they can be accident free here for the health and safety of all.

PERSONAL HYGIENE: Children are taught to be as independent as possible. As soon as a child enters, they remove their shoes and wash their hands. We wash hands before eating, after play, after returning inside, after touching pets, and after coughing or sneezing into their hand. We teach children to cough or sneeze into their shirt, either a sleeve or at the neck.

IMMUNIZATIONS: It is the parent responsibility to maintain up to date immunization and physicals for the children. Updates must be reported to me in writing.

SUNSCREEN: I keep the children in the shade for outdoor play. If you wish for them to use sunscreen, you must apply it in the morning before drop off. You will also be asked to apply it before field trips.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AND PLAY: Children are encouraged to engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity throughout the day. Activities involving movement are planned for each day as well as free play. We give ample opportunity for the children’s motor skills, eye / hand coordination and body balance to develop. They build on skills from week to week and it is great seeing how the children progress each week and improve. Weather permitting we will go outside every day. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather and for active play.


SECURITY: My family, substitutes, and myself all have had fingerprinting and criminal background record checks. Children are never left in alone with any visitors. The house is locked and there are security cameras in place. Childcare providers are mandated reporters and are required to report all suspected cases of abuse or neglect.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY: In the event of a major medical emergency or accident, I will call 911 first. The child will be transported to the closest hospital and the parent/guardian will be called immediately.

Arrival and Departure: Parents must accompany their child to and from their car.  Children may not walk past the gate out to the car on their own. Parents are required to sign in each child upon arrival at school. Signing in a child means the child is healthy to attend school. Saying goodbye helps the child learn to trust that the parent will come back at the end of the day. Parents are required to sign out each child upon pick up.  Do not let your child leave the building until you are leaving also. Please walk with your children to the car for safety. Other cars pulling in the driveway may not see your child and we do not want an accident!

Parking: Drive carefully into the driveway as children may dart out. Pull directly in front of the doors of the attached garage (this will be the area that is treated in inclement weather), in a way that will give others the ability to pull up beside you, and give the clearest view of children beside their cars.

FIRE DRILLS: Fire drills are performed monthly. We discuss the smoke detectors, calling 911, how a 911 call would go, and why anyone would have to call 911. We talk about how important it is to remain calm, to walk to the door, to follow me out to the tree farthest from the house on the driveway. We then discuss how we would wait as fire trucks, ambulances, and police might drive into the driveway, and what we would tell them. Then we walk back in and discuss stop, drop, and roll.

FIRST AID / CPR TRAINING: I have up to date first aid and cpr as required. My certificates are hanging on the parent bulletin board.

INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Decisions to close are made independent of the Public Schools, but I take those into consideration. If I am closed due to inclement weather, it will be announced on the Wee People Family page. I take into consideration things like ice, timing of the storm, rate of snowfall, and temperature.  Also, I’m not allowed to operate without basic utilities. If we lose power, I will notify you by text, post to facebook, and attempt to call. Please confirm you have received the message and pick your child up within the hour.  If we lose power overnight, I will contact you as early as I can.

Child abuse: Licensed daycare providers are mandated reporters. I am obligated to report any and all cases of suspected child abuse. This includes any suspected abuse or neglect including physical, emotional, medical, or sexual. Examples would be severe or unexplained bruising (note that spanking a child is not legally considered abuse, but leaving marks is) or leaving a child alone unattended or not using a child safety seat in the car.

Intoxication: Please do not pick your child up if you have been drinking. If you have been drinking have a relative or friend pick your child up. If you insist on leaving with your child when you appear to be under the influence, I am required to give your information to the police.

EMERGENCY EVACUATION:   In case of disaster, I have registered a plan with the state which includes taking the children to our neighbor’s across the street or going to Faith Community Church on Riedel road in Gambrills off Route 3 if we must leave this area. Otherwise, I would follow the state’s required plan of action. I would try to notify you by text, phone, facebook, and possibly radio. We have a disaster kit, comprised of NOAH radio, water, food, and some necessities.  The closest police station is Police Headquarters, 8495 Veterans Highway, Millersville, MD 21108, (410) 222-8050.


Dress Code:  Please remember that your children are here to learn through play. They WILL get messy and dirty. They may very well go home dirty, which means they learned a lot. We are unable to protect fancy shoes or clothes. They are here to have fun. Please dress them accordingly. Your child’s attire should be age appropriate. Clothing should never display inappropriate pictures or wording. Underpants should be covered at all times. If a child is wearing a dress, they should have shorts underneath.

NAP:  All children must lay down for nap. I close the blinds, turn off lights, and have a sound machine going. The children sleep soundly. Children sleep on a cot with their own sheets, pillows, and blankets. Until they are old enough to stay on the cot, they sleep in a playpen. Children in a playpen may not have any articles in with them, including toys or blankets, by law. Children over two may bring a blanket or soft quiet toy to sleep with. These need to stay in their cubby until nap time.

Please understand that waking up one child could result in waking all the children.  Therefore, there are absolutely NO drop offs between 1 and 3. Pick ups are allowed ONLY for emergencies or special circumstances. For example if your child has a well doctor appointment at 3 and you need to pick up at 2:30, you must let me know that morning so that I put them to nap in a separate area.  Otherwise you need to pick up by 12:30 or wait until 3. Rest is an important part of a child’s development.

ARTICLES FROM HOME:  Nothing coming in and out during covid! Exception is school related items.

Substitute: Occasionally, a substitute will be provided. Parents will be informed in advance, if possible, if this is to take place. Please let me know if you are interested in being a sub in case I have an appointment. My subs are my daughter, Cassandra, who is now a CPA, but has an associate’s degree in Early Childhood and Special Education; my daughter, Alanna, works full-time at Ft. Meade, but she is an approved substitute as well; and Dan (my ex) is also my substitute. Laura, Perry’s mom who lives next door is also a substitute.  Usually I will try to make appointments at the start or end of the day and open or close early. If so, I will give you plenty of notice.

Back up care: When choosing Family Child Care it is imperative that you have reliable back up care available. In the event of my illness, vacation, or personal time off, it is the ultimate responsibility of the parent to arrange alternate care. I am reliable and will make the utmost effort to remain open when at all possible.


Parents Supply:  1) Parents must provide breast milk or formula for children under the age of one. 2) Change of clothing (seasonally appropriate), 3) outside weather appropriate jacket & shoes, 4) food for children on a special diet, 5) diapers or pull ups (see potty training policy).

* Dress your child in clothes you don’t mind if they get messy. Your child will play hard and WILL get clothes soiled with food, dirt from playing outside, markers from coloring, etc.
** Do not dress them with difficult buttons, snaps, etc.  If you do, I will change them into different clothes, (because older ones are encouraged to take their own pants on and off at changing time and they are rough on my fingers). Sweat pants are ideal for those in diapers or pull ups.

Provider Supplies:  Meals, snacks, wipes (fragrance free, sensitive).

MEDIA POLICY:  We view interactive technology, including computer or visual media that is defined as educational and age-appropriate to support physical activity, hands-on exploration, social interactions, and other developmentally appropriate learning activities only for children 2 years and older.  The children use ABC Mouse and become familiar with use of the mouse and keyboard. We typically watch educational and age appropriate media when it goes along with what we’re learning.

CONFIDENTIALITY:  Personal information about children in my care and their families is confidential. Please do not ask me to reveal information about children other than your own.  However realistically, because we are a small group, it is challenging to keep anything that happens here confidential because the children listen and talk.  A health history and other family information will help me provide the best care for your child. I do post pictures of the children on social media. .

DAILY SCHEDULE:  Please realize that the following is a guide. I have to be flexible with mixed-aged children.

Arrival              Free play allows the children to transition to the child care setting. Some activities such as puzzles, books, or play doh may be set up, and the play room is open to allow children to play together with their friends as they arrive.

Breakfast          (8:30)    Meals are served according to the guidelines established by the Food Program.

Learning Centers Children have the choice of activities with free play. I am there to assist and offering guidance.

Pre-School        We review the Weather, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, ABC’s, and counting. We have a lesson and read a story. A variety of delivery styles meet the diversity of the learning styles of the children in care. Lessons use differentiated instruction to meet each child’s needs.

Outdoor Play    Children are afforded the opportunity for gross motor play.  The goal is to move and engage in a variety
of activities to encourage physical exercise. There are planned activities as well as free choice. In the event of inclement weather, there will be the opportunity for sensory, art, or crafts indoors.

Lunch               (11:30) Meals are served according to the guidelines established by the Food Program.

Transition         Children clean up, take care of personal needs, and transition to prepare for nap. They help set up and prepare for nap by helping to make their beds and adjust their blankets.

Story/Rest        Children listen to story or video as they relax and unwind before nap which is 1-3.

Snack-3             Snacks are served family style and observe the guidelines established by the Food Program.

Outdoor Play    Children are afforded the opportunity for gross motor play.  The goal is to move and engage in a variety
of activities to encourage physical exercise. In the event of inclement weather, there will be the opportunity for sensory, art, or crafts indoors.

Transition         Children clean up, take care of personal needs, and transition to prepare to leave.  Children play outside or work on puzzles or color while waiting to be picked up.

As pick-up time nears for each child, that child is prompted to prepare for leaving by gathering their belongings and saying good-bye to their friends.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES:  All children go outdoors, weather permitting (typically above 40 degrees and below 90 degrees and clear). Please dress accordingly.  Activities are developed according to the developmental needs and abilities of each child. We have water play whenever we are able (water table, sprinkler, slip and slide).

For typical outdoor activity we go out in the fenced yard. Occasionally we may go off property on a walk, to the park, a local mall, or food establishment, etc. A signed travel permission slip is required in your child’s file.  All children will travel in car seats. Parents are expected to bring their child weather appropriate outdoor gear.

NUTRITION:  I provide nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks such as the below for the children. I serve whole grain breads and crackers, limit fats, sugar, and salt, and fresh fruit and veggies daily, as well as offer water as desired. Only bring food if your child has a special diet. Please do not send candy, cookies, potato chips, etc. with your child. If your child requires a special diet that I cannot provide, then it will be the responsibility of the parent to provide well-balanced foods. Meal time is never rushed. We sit around our big child sized table, and we have   encouraging discussions about all of their favorite topics. Meal times are important parts of our day!

First children need to learn to take their pants up/down at diaper change.  Before I can potty train them, they must be mature enough to be left on the potty without playing.  Once they show signs they are aware of when they pee/poop (around age 2 or 2.5) we will have them sit on the potty after meals instead of simply changing them.  I will NOT limit drinks, and I am not legally allowed to clean out underwear.

Children must be COMPLETELY accident free HERE for two full weeks before wearing underpants. This is for sanitary reasons.  The child must sleep through nap for one month without an accident to move into underpants during nap.

The GOAL of a FULLY potty trained child:  1) to TELL me they have to go potty BEFORE they have to go.   2) to pull down their underwear and pants and get them back up without assistance.  3) to wipe themselves (front to back) after using the toilet.  4) to get off the potty by themselves.   5) to wash and dry hands.  6) to postpone going if someone else is in the bathroom or if we are outside and away from the house.

Naptime training:  Some kids nap train right away when they are awake trained. But most children are not able to do this and it is many months and sometimes years before they are sleep trained. Be patient. Children are given diapers/pull ups during nap time.

If you want them potty trained than dress them correctly: Easy on and off pants during training. Sweat pant like bottoms are ideal! Nothing that requires me to remove the top to get to the bottom during training. No overalls or shirts with snaps at the crotch. If you really want them to learn to potty, send pull ups. They cannot do diapers themselves and the goal is independence. NO cloth diapers or underwear with plastic pants.

If you have great success at home we can do the training with the underwear and a pull-up over the underwear during the training. If the child has regular accidents in the underwear we will switch them back to regular diapers and try again at another time.

I have read these policies (this is 12 of 15 pages) and intend to abide by them. If I have a concern, I will discuss it with my provider, Bonnie Haskins (Wee People Child Care).  I will let you know how they are doing every day!

 _______________________________________ ______________________

(parent or guardian signature)                                                          (date)

_________________________________ _______________________________

(parent or guardian signature)                                                          (date) 


CONTRACT:  Bonnie Haskins, also known as WeePeople Family Child PlayCare

Date of Contract ______________

This contract is made between Bonnie Haskins (child care provider, also known as WeePeople Playcare)  and
(the below information is important, as I’ve had parents not show due to severe accidents on the way)

Mother __________________________________   Birth mo/yr ___/___ marital status: ____________

cell phone: _____________________  email: ___________________________

Employed at: _____________________________ work phone: _____________________

address:  __________________________________________________________________________________________

Father   __________________________________   Birth date mo/yr ___/___ marital status: ____________

cell phone: _____________________  email: ___________________________

Employed at: _____________________________ work phone: _____________________

address:  __________________________________________________________________________________________

for the care of

1st Child’s Name   ____________________________________________ Sex____ Birth date ___/___/___   Age ______

The first day of childcare will be ______/_______/_________ provided all Maryland required forms are completed and submitted to the Provider.

1) Registration fee of $10 per child for enrollment to process forms (not refundable).
2) One week holding fee required. This or any balance of it will be sent by mail after the last day of care if the parent gives two week notice and has paid all fees, tuition, overdraft charges, damages, etc., and has been in care at least 6 months.
3) Weekly tuition is           . This is per week for care and is due by Monday morning when you drop your child off for that week’s care. It can also be paid monthly or bi-monthly, but must be in advance. Tuition includes meals, snacks, crafts, bedding, and baby wipes. Parents supply formula and diapers, extra clothing marked with the child’s name, and any special food due to allergies. Occasionally field trips may require an additional fee.
Payment can be cash, check made out to Bonnie Haskins, money order, or paypal to bobak99@gmail.com.
4) I take off holidays and paid days per year as stated in my policies.
5)  Fee of $10 per day for late tuition payments. Childcare will be terminated for clients with outstanding fees. Childcare will be reinstated when payment and late fees are paid in full.
6) If you pick up after closing the fee is $10.00 PER 1-10-minute increment LATE FEE. If you are late three times, this is reason for me to terminate care. Late fee is to be added to the next payday.
7) Bounced Check fee:  $25 + my bank charges + the rejected payment are due in cash immediately.  All payments will need to be paid in cash from then on. Care will be terminated until payment is received in full.

Damages: The parent/guardian is responsible for any damage to the provider’s home or belongings by a child or the parent or guardian. Provider is NOT responsible for objects that may be lost or broken that were brought from home.

Health and Safety:  The parent may NOT bring a sick child in accordance with Maryland regulations and my attached policies. Child must not re-enter until child is free from symptoms – without medication – for 36 hours minimum.

Policies: Parent and/or guardian have received a copy of this policy handbook, have read and agree to comply with all the provisions contained in them.

Information: Parent agrees to update the provider in writing of any and all changes written in the contract, such as updated immunizations, address, phone, place of employment, marital status, etc.

Termination/Trial Period:  A two-week trial period will be in effect starting on the first day of care and ending on the date above. During this trial period either party may choose to discontinue services with written notice for any reason.  Either party may terminate this contract with two weeks written notice or equivalent tuition payment. Both parties reserve the right to terminate without notice if the other party is in substantial violation of the agreement and/or safety or health of children is endangered.

Parents will give the provider at least a two-week written notice and preferably four-week notice when care is no longer needed.  Notice must include the reason for termination whether positive or negative.

Concerns: Parents and provider will respectfully communicate any concerns to one another FIRST and try to resolve any issues and will abstain from gossip or slander.

 Agreement:  Providing quality family child care is more than caring for children. It also means running a business. This is a legal and binding contract. By signing it, both parties understand and agree to adhere to these arrangements.  Both the parent/guardian and the provider should keep a signed copy of this contract. This contract is subject to review and renewal on the first of each year.  The provider has the right to update or change the terms of this contract. The parent will receive written notice of any changes 14-30 days in advance.  Otherwise, this contract will remain in effect until the renewal date or upon termination of care as set forth herein.  Both parties agree to cooperate and work together on behalf of the child and accept this agreement as a binding contract.

Special Considerations regarding virtual school during covid: The provider will assist child as able and give the space and time for the child to work. Parent retains final responsibility for the child’s school assignments, for providing a laptop for the child to work on schoolwork, and for configuring the laptop for internet safety.

At this time I/we shall enter into contract with Bonnie Haskins for care of above named child/ren. My initial on each page, and signature shows I have a clear understanding of the program, intend to follow the rules, and pay on time.

Mother Signature____________________________________________________ Date_____________________

Father Signature_____________________________________________________ Date_____________________

I have discussed this contract with the parent or guardian and accept their child(ren) into my program contingent on all necessary forms and fees being completed and submitted.

Provider Signature___________________________________________________  Date_____________________


Authorization to Leave Care

For your child’s safety, I can allow children to leave my home only with you, the person enrolling the child, and
persons you have listed below. Your child can leave my home with a person not listed below only when (a) you
have told me in person or by phone or text that s/he is picking up the child and (b) I have a signed and dated note from
you authorizing me to send the child home with that person.

My child, __________________________, may leave child care with the following people (other than parents):

Name:                                   Phone:                                                                                          Relationship to Child:



_________________________________ _______________________________

(parent or guardian signature)                                                      (date)

_________________________________ _______________________________

(parent or guardian signature)                                                      (date)


I give Bonnie Haskins and her employees permission to transport my child_____________________________________ in her car on short field trips as part of the child care program. I understand my child will ride in an appropriate car seat. I understand that all precautions will be taken to keep children safe, but accidents do happen and will not hold Bonnie liable for injuries that could possibly occur.

_______________________________________ ______________________

(parent or guardian signature)                                                          (date)

_________________________________ _______________________________

(parent or guardian signature)                                                      (date)

Permission to Photograph

I give Bonnie Haskins and her employees permission to photograph my child/ren________________________________. These photos/videos may be sent in the daily emails to current clients, be displayed in scrapbooks or bulletin boards, or on the website/facebook page.

_________________________________ _______________________________

(parent or guardian signature)                                                          (date)

_________________________________ _______________________________

(parent or guardian signature)                                                      (date)

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